Friday, October 28, 2011

I feel like dancing

its like dancing
jumping into a new pair of shoes
you don't have the perfect fit
but with time and a little extra steps
they fit just right.....
are we dancing?
we don't fit quite right together
but with time I know it will be perfect
lets dance
let me jump into your arms
as you twirl me around
you will be the extra steps
it takes to get that perfect fit

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

the monster inside me

      my  heart is beating
    a bit  fasther than usual
  is this a mood
 or a  feeling
Its funny how the smallest thing can trigger the truth that is festoring inside of you.  It could be a music video, a phrase or simply, a smell.  All it takes is one glance and your immediately hook, its replaying in your head over and over! All you can imagine is what use to be and what could have been.  Its almost like a parasite, it seeps through an opening and controls your body.  Its the monster living inside of you.  No matter how you try to focus and direct your mind else where, its a big stop sign holding you in back.  The biggest hand in the middle of my chest and the hardest rock to move.  All you want to do is break through it and see what it will be.  Its not that you are holding on to the past but your dwelling on the possible future. 

Friday, September 2, 2011


Plunging kneck and back lines with sheer material brought back the 70's strong! Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is the rising style icon for sexy 70 style.  Fur vest, mink coats, and sheer pants, sequins pumps and gowns reveal the glamour of 70s fashion.

the darker the berry.....

the best look for fall is the dark berry lip! The dark lip compliments every skin tone and enhances the shape of the lip.  It makes any outfit chic...
My fav dark berry lipstick is MAC's cyber lipstick with a burgundy center

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Someday Summary - Tuesday

we all have days that we just want to cry but that voice in your head says NO.  well ive learned a few things from my more than entertaining brother ( although he bugs me to high heavens all the time, he gives theee best advice ever ). so here are a few things i've learn from him..
   *when your talking to a person and you get emotional, walk away and take time to get yourself together
   *people will only listen to you when you speak calmly and with respect
   *even when you think you are utterly and completely right in a situation, the other person feels the  EXACT same
   *in life your either the prey or the predator ( when he said this a light bulb in my braind popped open )    
   *when your in an extremely heated conversation, dont let the other person hear you cry, be confident and get your point across respectfully
   *no matter how much you bicker with your siblings they will always be there for you
   *always appreciate the good times you spent with a person, because those memories will happen again
   *at the end of the day make sure your happy!

Monday, July 11, 2011

the infamous bun: step 6 healthy hair journey

Basically I'm all out of my hair ideas, so I decied to do a sleek classic look.  I cowashed my hair and need a cute look to runs some errand.  I had no time to creat a style so I just slicked my hair back with flaxseed gel that I made and used a hair donut to create a polished look.  Not only is this a quick style, it also can be an amazing pre-pooing style or protective style for the winter.

the fro: step 5 healthy hair journey

Now im taking my hair bake to its roots, THE FRO! After washing my hair I brushed it out then picked it out with an afro pick.  It was simple, easy, and still no heat :)

BIG HAIR: step 4 healthy hair journey

My roller set is about 3 days old and it still looks good but a bit fizzy and loose.  I was watching the BET awards and got inspired when Tracy Ellis Ross graced the stage! As always her hair looked amazing and super bouncy.  I started to experiment with my hair by finger combing my hair ruffly.  I also pulled my hair forward creating a bang, which made my hair look larger than life.  Over All this was a super success!! Finger combing an old roller set will give you bouncy poofy BIG HAIR!

roller sets: step 3 healthy hair journey

My keratin treatment is slowly fading out of my hair so half of my hair is fuzzy and the other half is smooth, so ive been trying more styles to keep my hair healthy.  I started with wash hair and detangled with Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner to detangle my hair(my favorite detangler!!) then I oiled my scalp with Dr. Miracles Gro Oil.  Once my hair was detangled and scalp was oiled, I applied Organix Coconut Milk Split End Mender to help smooth my ends.  Then I sectioned my hair into 4 parts and applied a very small amount of Optimum Shine Booster to make my hair super shiny(a little goes a long way with this product).  Once I was ready to roll my hair I sprayed it with a mixture of water and Lotta Body, then rolled my hair as tight as I could, but my mom had to reroll most :) The next morning i had bouncy curls. Give it a go! All you truly need to some Lotta Body to hold the curls

loose curls: step 2 healthy hair journey

If your looking for the nice loose beach waves try Mizani's True Textures for natural curls.  It stretches your culrs to the fullest making them extremely loose and hydrated! Also it keeps your hair moist for days, almost a whole week. In order to achieve this look for days just spray your hair with water, finger comb your hair and go! It's truly amazing and worth all $9 :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

no HEAT plus SLEEP: step 1 to my healthy hair journey

My time is now! I'm trying my hardest not to apply no heat to my hair for the month of June. On June 9th i stopped flat ironing my hair and started rocking protective styles such as my natural curls,  pin coils, and roller sets.  For the first week I tried pin coils and fell in LOVE!! I got the style form xGoldn on youtube and it actually works wonders.  My hair is larger and in charge, its bouncy, and soft. All I did was wash my hair, greased my scalp, applied oil and lotta body to my hair. I secured my curls with a bobby pin, put on a bonnet, and fell asleep.  The style last for 3 days and im very pleased. This is my no heat plus sleep protective style. This is my first step to my healthy hair journey; minimizing heat for a length of time

Thursday, June 16, 2011

mint me crazy

Like everyone else minty colors are my fav!!!! Minty sorbet is a lovely color for summer, its eye catching and a suitable color for all skin types.  Sally Hansen came out with a variety of colors for summer so try them c: