Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Monday


A Little Monday Inspiration 

a little motivation to get me into the fitness mode 

my essentials: pandora, evian water, dry fit pants, and some type of fitted tank 
I prefer to be matchy matchy lol 

striving for that toned stomach 

the ideal body
this is exactly how I like to dress for the gym
(haven't done the "only sports bra" look yet)
but I love the way high waisted sports pants look on a curvy body 
she's forever fab 

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Curls and Abs 

much inspiration to prepare for summer

works outs 



Where I'd Rather Be

snuggled in one of these 

 wearing this 

while sipping on about 2 of these 

is exactly what I'd rather be doing,
instead of revising homework at 2:30am 

a true procrastinator 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

How to Dress for those Slump Days

   How to Appropriately Dress for those Lazy/ Slump Days 

This is what you SHOULD NOT look like 

We all have those extreme tiring days.
You have 30 minutes to get ready and head out the door.
No time for prepping and primping, just grab and go! 
Just keep in mind not to look like this.
Never leave the house looking like you have a hangover, been hit by a car, or you just don't care.
People respect well dress individuals. 

The Basics 

Sweats are cool, not necessarily my thing. 
(I'd rather spend my $$ on makeup lol)
1. Boyfriend or oversized jeans are theee best alternative!!
They fit like sweat pants but you can wear them in a vast amount of ways.
2. White shirts are simplistic, inexpensive, and goes with everything.
3. Cardigans are the, comfortable, hides any body rolls, and goes w/ anything.
4. A scarf will never do you wrong, wrap around the head or the neck for an added boost.
5. Sunglasses will cover tired eyes and hide 1/2 your face, also try non-prescript lenses!  
6. Boots are cool, but I'll grab flats or loafers if I'm trying to be comfy.
7. Oversized purses will carry all your books and add an additional style factor to your outfit:)  

Try it......

Add a pop of color 

Relaxed Boho 

Go Glam 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

hump day/ slump day

no longer hump day 

its SLUMP day 

My current situation.
For some reason, I can not get enough sleep.
Let me repeat!
I slept an entire 7 hours last night.
Way more than I ever received in my entire 4 years of college. 
I'm sipping on an expresso shot w/ caramel and I'm still tired.
My spanish homework will not finish itself.
What is a girl to do to wake herself up???
I'm just going to browse to receive some type of energy to stimulate my mind:)

- Sincerely
 A tired gal.