Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hannah *Pretty Little Liars Series*

Hannah's look is very GLAM, she dresses with attitude. Try pairng a pair of flashy heels with skinny jeans and a nice oversized shirt to achieve this look.

Aria with a touch of Emily *Pretty Little Liars Series*

Aria's look is very bohemian chic, she wears a ton of neutral colors in a very polished way.  Emily is very all American and wears more athletic or comfortable clothing.  She can pair a leather jacket with running shoes and it will look amazing.  To achieve the Aria/Emily look, I wore a peace symbol graffic T-shirt, jeans from Taret, combat boots Urban Outfitters, a scarf also from Target, with a leather jacket from Ross.

Remake of Spence from Pretty Little Liars

Today one of my friends decided to add a touch of prep to her outfit today.  Just by adding a collar shirt under a light weight sweater makes an outfit look a bit more polished.  

Pretty Little Liars Inspired Outfits

Spencer, Aria, and Hannah

A date with Chipotle and Pinkberry

Sometimes you have to enjoy the tasty things in life, like Chipotle and Pinkberry lol. My floormates and I had a GNO, girls night out!  We watched Number Four, which was pretty good, and ate at Chipotle and got dessert at Pinkberry.  Spend more times with your girlfriends, they will keep you laughing.

Benihana made me fat

The food was so amazing, I had the Sumo Roll and it was great.  For yall who have a Benihana and never tried sushi, especially the one's who are kind of nervous about eating raw fish, try the Sumo roll.  The Sumo Roll has cooked shrimp and crab meat inside with salmon on top.  Please try it and tell me if ya like it:) 

Who said birthday bashes aren't fun in college?

My lovely floormate and friend, Chanel, celebrated her 19th birthday at college and we had a blast! My floormates and I started a tradition where we surprise the birthday person with a cake at 12am.  Sadly we have to light the candles outside dude to fire precautions, but its all good:) Later that day we went to Benihana and enjoyed an amzing dinner,  yum!!!!

My New Mac Love Pink Plaid

I LOVE this color!!! ugh its the ultimate baby/girlie pink. It's somewhat of a nude pink but it works really well with brown skin.  Try adding a hott pink gloss to tint it out a bit if its too light for your lips;)