Friday, October 28, 2011

I feel like dancing

its like dancing
jumping into a new pair of shoes
you don't have the perfect fit
but with time and a little extra steps
they fit just right.....
are we dancing?
we don't fit quite right together
but with time I know it will be perfect
lets dance
let me jump into your arms
as you twirl me around
you will be the extra steps
it takes to get that perfect fit

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

the monster inside me

      my  heart is beating
    a bit  fasther than usual
  is this a mood
 or a  feeling
Its funny how the smallest thing can trigger the truth that is festoring inside of you.  It could be a music video, a phrase or simply, a smell.  All it takes is one glance and your immediately hook, its replaying in your head over and over! All you can imagine is what use to be and what could have been.  Its almost like a parasite, it seeps through an opening and controls your body.  Its the monster living inside of you.  No matter how you try to focus and direct your mind else where, its a big stop sign holding you in back.  The biggest hand in the middle of my chest and the hardest rock to move.  All you want to do is break through it and see what it will be.  Its not that you are holding on to the past but your dwelling on the possible future.