Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Someday Summary - Tuesday

we all have days that we just want to cry but that voice in your head says NO.  well ive learned a few things from my more than entertaining brother ( although he bugs me to high heavens all the time, he gives theee best advice ever ). so here are a few things i've learn from him..
   *when your talking to a person and you get emotional, walk away and take time to get yourself together
   *people will only listen to you when you speak calmly and with respect
   *even when you think you are utterly and completely right in a situation, the other person feels the  EXACT same
   *in life your either the prey or the predator ( when he said this a light bulb in my braind popped open )    
   *when your in an extremely heated conversation, dont let the other person hear you cry, be confident and get your point across respectfully
   *no matter how much you bicker with your siblings they will always be there for you
   *always appreciate the good times you spent with a person, because those memories will happen again
   *at the end of the day make sure your happy!