Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Godly Gold

I'm utterly in love with Gold. 
I guess its the gansta in me. 
Herringbone necklaces, platted name necklaces, rope bracelets, hoop earrings.
Man, I can go on forEVER! 
The way it sparkles on my skin and how it warms my skin up. 
Best believe I'm getting me some GOLD asap! 
Summer must have :) 

I've been eyeing this herringbone necklace for months now. 
Just waiting for them to stock the 20 inch. 

back to the city

new york city | Tumblr
Its been about two weeks post my New York City trip.
Its something captivating about the craziness of the city: the hustle, the fast pace, the rats garbage cleaners.
Everyone seems to be in route to somewhere or completing a deadline.
As crazy and intense the city is, its the perfect drug to forget all your problems, concerns, and doubts.
You enter the city with your personal baggage, but leave with a lighter load and a slight no nonsense mentality.
Only 7 days spent throughout the city, I obtained a slight "New York City State of Mind".
No nonsense, being ahead of time, dressing chic, making "it" happen, and enjoying life is what I'm learning to live by.
A week can influence you, but it takes a journey to change you.
Let the voyage be in sight.

Look for some interesting post of my Alternative Break Trip to NYC!