Friday, June 24, 2011

no HEAT plus SLEEP: step 1 to my healthy hair journey

My time is now! I'm trying my hardest not to apply no heat to my hair for the month of June. On June 9th i stopped flat ironing my hair and started rocking protective styles such as my natural curls,  pin coils, and roller sets.  For the first week I tried pin coils and fell in LOVE!! I got the style form xGoldn on youtube and it actually works wonders.  My hair is larger and in charge, its bouncy, and soft. All I did was wash my hair, greased my scalp, applied oil and lotta body to my hair. I secured my curls with a bobby pin, put on a bonnet, and fell asleep.  The style last for 3 days and im very pleased. This is my no heat plus sleep protective style. This is my first step to my healthy hair journey; minimizing heat for a length of time

Thursday, June 16, 2011

mint me crazy

Like everyone else minty colors are my fav!!!! Minty sorbet is a lovely color for summer, its eye catching and a suitable color for all skin types.  Sally Hansen came out with a variety of colors for summer so try them c:

Saturday, June 11, 2011

embrace short nails!

  Since I've been back from school and working hard, my nails have suffered. They're short, stubby, and brittle o_0 Nothings worst than seeing icky nails, so I knew it was time to paint! For girls with short nails, try glitter nail polishes or anything flashy.  Short nails with embellished details makes the nail bed look large and in charge. Go for it! Try metalics, glitters, jewels, super bright and neon colors. Risk taking is key for short nails.